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Los Lara’s takes pride in being family owned and operated.  We are also proud that when you come to store will see the same friendly employees there to greet and take care of you week after week, year after year. We strive for the best customer experience in DFW and we are sure you will see the difference!

Let’s talk tires. We sell new tires and used tires. We have most tire sizes in stock, and we can order virtually any brand or size tire you require. If you need it in a hurry, and it’s available, we will go get it ourselves while you wait.

Let’s talk prices
. When we quote you a tire price, it includes everything – even taxes. Remember almost every other tire store will quote only a portion of the price to get you in the door, only to hit you with all the extra installation, disposal fees and taxes afterward. Our prices are always “out the door” prices. We can and will save you money on tires.

Let’s talk time
. We know yours is valuable. We hate repair shops that get you in the door only to let your car sit in their garage for a week just because they have secured your business. We commit to getting your vehicle repaired and back to you as soon as possible.

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